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Discord's New Feature Family Center Enhances Parental Monitoring

Discord introduces Family Center, a tool that allows parents to monitor their teens' activity, including friends, joined servers, and direct messages. However, this feature requires the teen's consent before parents can access the data.


In an effort to enhance parental control and security, Discord has announced a new tool named Family Center. The feature will allow parents to monitor who their teens interact with on the platform, provided the teen gives their consent.

With the teen's consent, parents can view recently added friends, servers their teen has joined or participated in, and the display names and avatars of people they’ve communicated with through direct messages or group messages. All this information will be presented on a new Family Center dashboard, displaying the teen's activity over the past week. Additionally, parents will receive a weekly email summary of their teen's activity. Importantly, parents will not have access to the content of their teen's messages.

To link to their teen's account, parents will need to ask for a special QR code from their teen. Once scanned with their Discord app, the teen will need to accept the connection request. Discord hopes that this process will encourage conversations between parents and teens about online activities.

The goal of the Family Center, according to a company blog post, is to help foster productive dialogue about safer internet habits. This tool mirrors other industry efforts, like Fortnite maker Epic Games' introduction of a restricted account type for kids under 13 that requires parental consent to enable certain features.