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Coinstore Collaborates with XDEFI Wallet to Broaden DeFi and Web3 Accessibility

Discover Coinstore's partnership with XDEFI, enabling seamless access to DeFi and Web3 landscapes, offering assets, dApps, and a $XDEFI token airdrop for Coinstore users.

Coinstore and XDEFI Join Forces to Advance DeFi and Web3 Accessibility

Coinstore, a widely recognized centralized exchange boasting a robust user base of 4 million, has forged a strategic partnership with XDEFI, a renowned provider of non-custodial wallet services, aiming to elevate DeFi and Web3 accessibility for its vast community. This collaboration heralds an era of expanded access to advanced Web3 capabilities via XDEFI for Coinstore users.

The move aims to bridge the gap to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and THORChain, known for their significant trading volumes in the global crypto landscape. Users accessing these decentralized exchanges require non-custodial wallets such as XDEFI, which now becomes seamlessly integrated into Coinstore’s ecosystem.

As a result of this collaboration, Coinstore users gain direct access to over 10,000 assets across 29 blockchains via XDEFI Wallet. This includes a wide array of assets available on Uniswap, THORChain, Osmosis, and Jupiter, enabling diversified asset swapping opportunities. Moreover, Coinstore users can now explore a comprehensive spectrum of decentralized applications (dApps) spanning 34 blockchains through XDEFI Wallet.

To celebrate this strategic alliance, Coinstore offers a special $XDEFI token airdrop for all KYC’d users who install XDEFI before January 1, 2024. This gesture signifies appreciation for users embracing the collaboration and leveraging the enhanced capabilities offered by XDEFI Wallet.

Emile Dubié, CEO of XDEFI, expresses enthusiasm about unlocking a plethora of new assets and applications for Coinstore’s users, aiming to jointly benefit users by facilitating access to the expanding DeFi landscape. The collaboration is anticipated to significantly contribute to XDEFI’s growth and swap volume.

Coinstore acknowledges XDEFI as the most sophisticated multi-ecosystem wallet available, viewing this partnership as an opportunity to usher its users into the evolving Web3 era. This move underlines their commitment to delivering an advanced and streamlined experience in navigating the blockchain landscape.

In essence, the collaboration between Coinstore and XDEFI represents a strategic advancement in expanding DeFi and Web3 access for a considerable user base. With enriched capabilities for asset swapping and dApp exploration, users can seamlessly navigate the decentralized landscape. The token airdrop serves as an incentive for KYC’d Coinstore users, emphasizing the evolution brought forth by XDEFI Wallet's capabilities.