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Dr Martens Chooses Havas for EMEA Media Strategy Revolution

Dr Martens has just enlisted Havas Entertainment to revamp its EMEA media strategy. Get ready for a new era of 'rebellious self-expression' in footwear marketing!

Dr Martens Chooses Havas for EMEA Media Strategy Revolution

Get those laces ready and buckle up! Dr Martens, the brand synonymous with counterculture and independent spirit, is shaking up its European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) media game. Who's the maestro for this symphony of innovation? None other than Havas Entertainment!

Havas Entertainment is on a quest to meld media creativity, innovation, and data to redefine Dr Martens' global communications blueprint. This is not just another agency contract; it's a partnership with an ambitious vision—to breathe new life into Dr Martens' unparalleled marketing ethos across the EMEA region.

Why Havas Entertainment, you ask? Manu Meijer, Dr Martens' head of marketing for EMEA, says it all: "We needed a partner who gets us—our journey, our language, our tone." Havas Entertainment isn’t just focusing on boosting sales or brand metrics. No, they're here to fuel and champion the 'rebellious self-expression' that makes Dr Martens, well, Dr Martens!

By strategically targeting key European powerhouses like the UK, France, Germany, and Italy, Dr Martens aims to skyrocket its international growth and broaden its cult-like following. Translation: More iconic boots gracing streets worldwide!

Nick Wright, Havas Entertainment's managing director, sums it up best: "Dr Martens has transcended youth and subcultures for nearly 60 years. Our approach is to find the 'yellow thread' that binds everything Dr Martens does, ensuring that media, creativity, and innovation are in perfect sync."

Prepare to see Dr Martens in a light you've never imagined. From enhanced audience planning to a cultural-first approach, this dynamic partnership promises to redefine not just what you wear, but what you feel when you wear it.

So, are you ready to march to the beat of a new drum in your Dr Martens? This is one collab that has us all at the edge of our seats!