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Duolingo Tunes Into Music Education: Uncovering the Development of Duolingo Music App

Duolingo seems to be hitting the right note with a new music learning app in the pipeline, expanding beyond languages. Unearthed codes hint at piano, drums, and sheet music lessons.

Duolingo's New Venture: The Duolingo Music App Unveiled

Duolingo, renowned for its prowess in language learning, seems poised to conquer another domain – music education. Recent revelations hint at the development of "Duolingo Music", a promising venture that offers lessons on instruments like the piano and drums, as well as delving deep into the realms of sheet music.

The tantalizing evidence was unearthed by Steve Moser, an iOS developer and reverse engineer, who stumbled upon intriguing images and codes embedded within Duolingo's mobile apps. Among these finds were images of piano keys, a drum, and the unmistakable "Duolingo Music" branding. Additionally, lines of code alluded to music sessions, songs, and unit reviews.

Corroborating these findings, a Duolingo job listing from March 2023 sought a learning scientist specializing in music education. This was coupled with another job post aiming to recruit a freelance music composition and curricular consultant, as reported by TechCrunch. These job listings hinted at the potential integration of music theory concepts into popular songs.

When prodded about these revelations, a Duolingo spokesperson remained enigmatic, commenting on the company's penchant for experimentation but refraining from any explicit confirmations. Yet, the tantalizing mention of more revelations during the Duocon event on October 11th has kept enthusiasts on their toes.

While the brand is synonymous with language learning, Duolingo isn't a stranger to diversification. Their endeavors include the Duolingo ABC, a free English literacy app launched amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, and the more recent Duolingo Math. However, music's intricate tapestry may call for a unique teaching methodology.

As the world waits with bated breath, it's clear that Duolingo is orchestrating something special in the realm of music education.