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eBay Steps Up Its Game: Acquiring AI-Based Fashion Authenticator, Certilogo

eBay pioneers in the pre-loved fashion industry, amplifying consumer confidence with its latest acquisition - Certilogo, an AI-powered product authentication company.

eBay Grows Stronger with Certilogo Acquisition.

eBay, the global e-commerce behemoth, has once again made headlines, this time for welcoming Certilogo, an AI-based fashion and apparel authentication expert, to its growing family. Hidden in the fashion capital of Milan, Certilogo has been the brainchild of CEO Michele Casucci and is now set to boost eBay's secondhand fashion authentication game.

Certilogo is at the heart of fusing digital innovation with apparel lifecycle management. It offers consumers a reliable platform to not just verify the authenticity of their chosen items, but also gain access to trustworthy information. eBay’s acquisition underlines its strategic intent to bolster security in the thriving pre-owned fashion sphere of its marketplace.

"Thrilled to embrace the brilliant Certilogo crew to eBay," Charis Marquez, eBay's Vice President, expressed his enthusiasm. "The integration of Certilogo's avant-garde technology will empower us to offer brands sturdy, adaptive product solutions that ensure a counterfeit-proof, digital product passport, providing an extra layer of protection for their customers and paving the way for responsible re-commerce."

eBay, back in May, underscored the acquisition as a cornerstone investment in the burgeoning pre-loved fashion sector. The e-commerce titan emphasized the move to fortify its reputation as a trusted platform for pre-owned fashion, and boost consumer confidence, promoting sustainably conscious purchase decisions.

"Our alliance with eBay will spawn brand-new consumer-brand connection opportunities," shared Michele Casucci, Certilogo's CEO and Founder. "We're all set to dive in, blending our tech infrastructure to facilitate a smooth transition for customers, brand allies, and the eBay community at large, driving a more sustainable and connected future."

This strategic acquisition dovetails with eBay's recent trend of fortifying its authentication and fraud detection capabilities. It acquired Sneaker Con Digital's authentication division in 2021, a key player in verifying high-value footwear's authenticity. Later in February, the company absorbed 3PM Shield, an AI-powered fraud detection company, further demonstrating eBay's dedication to creating a safe and trusted marketplace.