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ECI Media Management Hires Lauren Collie as Global Media Director, Enhancing U.S. Capabilities

ECI Media Management takes a massive leap forward by appointing industry veteran Lauren Collie as Global Media Director. A game-changing move to fortify its U.S. and global operations.

Lauren Collie, the newly appointed Global Media Director at ECI Media Management

Prepare for a seismic shift in the media consulting landscape! ECI Media Management, a global leader in media consulting, has just announced the appointment of Lauren Collie as their new Global Media Director. This move is more than a new hire; it's a declaration of intent to dominate the U.S. market and beyond.

Lauren is no newbie to the media game. With 16 solid years of agency experience under her belt and an exceptional track record with giants like General Motors, Amazon, and Toyota, she is a maestro in global media strategy. Whether it's digital or linear TV, Lauren's skills traverse the gamut—display, OLV, programmatic/ad tech, TV, CTV/OTT, social, and influencer marketing.

What really sets Lauren apart is her knack for building meaningful client and agency relationships. She’s not just about the numbers; she translates data insights and audience science into actionable recommendations, enabling brands to scale new heights.

Lauren's appointment heralds the next stage of ECI Media Management’s aggressive expansion strategy. Hot on the heels of integrating British firm Eley Consultancy into its European arm, ECI is primed for an impactful North American presence.

"ECI has been on a robust growth trajectory, and I’m thrilled to infuse my client leadership and media expertise into their dynamic U.S. and international portfolio," Lauren commented. Echoing her enthusiasm, Colin Linggo, SVP, Head of Media Investments & Operations at ECI, remarked, "Lauren brings a synergy of strategic and technical media expertise that will amplify our capabilities in this hyper-connected media world."

ECI Media Management is not just another player; it's a media consulting powerhouse with a global footprint. It provides world-class media performance management, agency negotiations, and media transformation consulting services to a portfolio of blue-chip global advertisers. Lauren's addition to the team not only amplifies ECI's operational might but also makes them an even more formidable force in the ever-evolving media landscape.

So, buckle up, media world! With Lauren Collie steering the ship, ECI Media Management is set to navigate uncharted waters and set new industry benchmarks.