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Ellos Group Collaborates with Jellyfish & Brandtech to Enhance Organic Search Presence in Northern Europe

Global digital agency, Jellyfish, collaborates with Jotex to expand its organic search presence across key Northern European regions, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing partnership.

Bine Johanson, Jellyfish’s Managing Director

Jellyfish, a global frontrunner in digital marketing, has unveiled its collaboration with Jotex, a leading home interior brand under the Ellos Group umbrella. This strategic partnership aims to fortify Jotex's brand presence across pivotal Northern European nations, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. By harnessing Jellyfish's prowess in organic search, Jotex envisions magnifying its brand visibility, accelerating sales trajectories, and capturing a larger market slice.

The alliance between Ellos and Jellyfish isn't new. Their journey commenced two years ago when Ellos, a pioneer in fashion and home retail, onboarded Jellyfish for a data-centric project. Over time, their collaboration expanded, with Jellyfish playing an instrumental role in refining Ellos' digital sophistication, transforming it into a beacon of retail innovation with a robust commerce framework.

Bine Johanson, who helms Jellyfish's Northern Europe operations, exudes optimism about their collaboration with the Ellos Group. Johanson states, "Our alignment with Ellos in terms of strategic objectives and corporate culture has been exemplary. Our latest venture with Jotex fortifies our relationship further, and we are poised for a promising future."

Echoing Johanson's sentiments, Markus Danielsson, the marketing and communication maestro at Jotex, expresses his exhilaration about joining forces with Jellyfish. Danielsson believes that this collaboration will be pivotal in bolstering Jotex's brand awareness through refined SEO strategies.

Jellyfish's alliance with Jotex promises to set new benchmarks in organic search reach across Northern Europe. As both giants converge, the digital landscape awaits transformative strategies and remarkable successes.