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Elon Musk Supports the Proposal to Discontinue Twitter Circles

Elon Musk is backing the idea of eliminating Twitter's Circles feature, potentially signalling the next step in the evolution of Twitter 2.0.

Elon Musk Advocates for Removal of Twitter's Circles Feature

Twitter Circles, the enclosed group tweeting option, could be the next feature to be discontinued in Twitter 2.0, following Elon Musk's endorsement of the idea.

Launched a year ago, Circles was part of Twitter's attempt to align with the trend towards more intimate social interactions instead of public posting. As a growing number of users began to interact in this way, Twitter introduced Circles, Communities, and audience control options on tweets to foster more discussion within the app. However, the practical value of Circles was questioned even at its launch.

Critics argue that most users likely already carry out discussions suitable for Circles within their Direct Messages (DMs), maintaining private group chats with their close friends. This privacy encourages users to share more freely, reducing the appeal of switching these conversations to the potentially more exposed Circles feature.

Elon Musk, in response to a tweet expressing this sentiment, appears to concur that with the myriad sharing options already available, Circles may not be necessary. This is particularly interesting given Twitter's past experimentation with a similar but potentially more useful feature.

In 2021, Twitter showcased a feature in development called 'Facets.' This feature would allow users to follow each profile based on different topic interests - somewhat analogous to Circles, but with a topical focus. Although it would necessitate users specifying a topic focus every time they tweet, it might offer a more practical option for those keen to stay tuned to more niche discussions.

Considering the trend in Twitter 2.0 to revisit previous projects, it's plausible that 'Facets' could resurface at some point, providing a more advantageous replacement for Circles, should Musk follow through on his endorsement to discontinue the feature. However, there's no definitive information on this development as yet.