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Elon Musk Unveils xAI, His New Venture Aims to Understand the Universe

Elon Musk's latest venture, xAI, has been launched with a mission to "understand the true nature of the universe". The team comprises AI experts from major tech firms.

Elon Musk's newly formed AI company, xAI, has revealed itself through a new website, setting its intention to "understand reality." The website discloses that xAI's goal is "to understand the true nature of the universe."

The xAI team, led by Elon Musk, comprises members from leading AI companies, including OpenAI, Google Research, Microsoft Research, and DeepMind, recently integrated into Google. The team includes Igor Babuschkin, Manuel Kroiss, Yuhuai (Tony) Wu, Christian Szegedy, Jimmy Ba, Toby Pohlen, Ross Nordeen, Kyle Kosic, Greg Yang, Guodong Zhang, and Zihang Dai, with Dan Hendrycks, who leads the Center for AI Safety, serving as advisor.

The @xAI team is planning to host a Twitter Spaces discussion on July 14th, inviting audiences to meet the team and ask questions. The xAI website states that, although separate from Musk's overarching X Corp, xAI will maintain close cooperation with X (Twitter), Tesla, and other companies.

Musk previously co-founded OpenAI in 2015, but stepped back from it in 2018 to avoid conflict of interest with Tesla's AI work. More recently, Musk has openly criticized OpenAI and mentioned his work on a project called "TruthGPT."