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Elon Musk's Reports X's All-Time High Monthly Active Users, Despite Threads' Growing Competition

Elon Musk's platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has reported record-high monthly active usage. This comes despite the increasing competition from Meta's Twitter clone app, Threads.

App X Witnesses Record Usage Despite Threads' Competition

Elon Musk has shared a chart indicating a new user high for his platform, X, formerly known as Twitter. Despite growing competition and reports of a user exodus, X seems to be thriving as Musk remoulds the platform into an 'everything app', in line with his vision.

All 'Twitter' and bird references are gradually being erased from the platform as part of a complete rebranding. The X icon has started appearing for some users on mobile, marking a significant phase in the app's reformation.

Despite most reports suggesting a decline in app interest due to these changes, Musk's data proposes otherwise, indicating more people logging in to explore the latest updates.

Musk has exhibited a clear pattern in his responses to negative news about the app. After acquiring Twitter, Musk faced skepticism regarding the impact of cutting 80% of the company's staff on usage. His response was that user numbers had significantly increased globally since the deal announcement.

When Elon warned Twitter staff about the potential of the company sliding into bankruptcy due to its performance, negative reports flooded in about the app. His response: new user sign-ups reached an all-time high.

A similar pattern was noticed after the launch of Meta's Twitter clone app, Threads, which saw 100 million people sign up within days. Amidst this, Musk shared new record-high usage figures, seemingly as reassurance to advertisers that the app is performing well despite perceived harmful changes.

However, skepticism has arisen regarding the reliability of numbers from X's headquarters. Musk's legal team had previously argued that Twitter was overvalued due to the high number of bot profiles included in its active user figures, claiming that up to 33% of active Twitter profiles were fake. Musk later settled on a more modest 20%, which would equate to at least 50 million Twitter users being bots, according to Musk's team.

However, Musk seems to have forgotten these findings since taking over the app. Despite removing bots and combating spam, he reports an addition of 15 million daily actives to the total mDAU count, totaling 252 million mDAU.

Based on these figures, if Musk has eradicated all bots (50 million profiles) and added 15 million new users, that would suggest the addition of 65 million new, real human users to Twitter/X in less than a year. This represents high growth for an app that had previously struggled to grow its audience.

Such an increase is possible but unlikely, and the jump to 540 million monthly users is a considerable leap from Twitter's 368 million MAU reported last year.

Given previous instances of misleading campaigns, it is hard to fully trust Musk's data. Despite this, X may be growing at a strong rate, contrary to repeated predictions of its decline. This growth may impact your use of the app, but it ultimately depends on your interpretation of Musk's actions.