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Embrace the Future of Smart Home Security: Abode and Google Nest Integration Returns

Abode brings back Google Nest integration, allowing users to control their smart home security, climate, and video surveillance under one roof. Experience a smarter, safer home with Abode and Google Nest.

It's time to elevate your smart home experience! Abode, the intelligent home security system, announces the return of its Google Nest integration, enabling users to control and automate their Google Nest products directly from the Abode app. This exciting development offers a seamless and convenient way to manage your home security, climate control, and video surveillance, all in one place.

Abode users will recall that some of these features existed before Google discontinued its Works With Nest (WWN) program in 2019. Fast forward to 2023, and the recently unveiled Google Nest Device Access Program breathes new life into these integrations, thanks to a cutting-edge API.

Christopher Carney, CEO and founder of Abode Systems, says, "Abode was the logical choice to be among the first to develop given our history as a security company with a deep and robust Nest integration." The Google Nest Device Access Program allows qualified smart home device makers to integrate Google Nest cameras and thermostats directly with their products, offering better security and privacy safeguards than WWN.

Abode's integration supports all Google Nest Thermostats, Nest cameras and doorbells (both old and new), and the Google Nest Hub Max. Utilizing triggers like temperature or humidity from the thermostat and person, motion, and sound detection from Google Nest cameras, users can create automations with Abode's CUE automation system. However, an Abode plan — Standard ($7/month) or Pro ($23/month) — is required for this feature. The Pro plan includes professional monitoring, ensuring that any motion detected by a Google camera will trigger an alarm alert for the monitoring service.

There are some limitations: Google only allows the Abode system to capture recorded video from the Nest Doorbell, while other Nest cameras provide a livestream view. Additionally, to view any recorded or live video in the Abode app, you'll need Abode's Standard plan.

Abode's Google Nest integration isn't the only option for a smart home security system. ADT's Self Setup system recently announced similar integrations, and more smart home companies are likely to follow suit now that the API is available. With Abode and Google Nest working together, the future of smart home security is brighter than ever.