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EMURGO and Institute of Blockchain Forge Partnership to Enhance Web3 Education Opportunities

EMURGO partners with Institute of Blockchain to offer diverse blockchain education programs, empowering professionals in Cardano and broader blockchain realms.

EMURGO and Institute of Blockchain Join Forces to Expand Blockchain Education

EMURGO Group Pte. Ltd. ("EMURGO") has unveiled an ambitious educational partnership with the Institute of Blockchain® Ltd ("IBS"), aiming to diversify its array of blockchain education courses and cultivate a fresh wave of blockchain professionals.

This strategic collaboration between EMURGO and IBS will oversee the organization and co-hosting of a spectrum of blockchain education programs. These programs will encompass in-person workshops, webinars, tailored learning modules, and other courses delving into the latest trends and narratives within the Cardano ecosystem and the broader blockchain industry, tailored for business professionals.

IBS stands as Singapore's pioneer blockchain institute, having nurtured over 2,000 learners across nine countries worldwide. Notable past corporate clients include Deloitte Touche, Singapore Customs Academy, Singapore Polytechnic Guild House, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (Nanyang Polytechnic), Securities Commission Malaysia & Fintech Academy, showcasing IBS's extensive industry outreach and expertise.

EMURGO's CEO, Ken Kodama, expressed the significance of education as a cornerstone for success, highlighting the aim to equip individuals and organizations with the requisite tools and knowledge to harness blockchain's potential for impactful product and service development.

On the partnership, Ian Lee, President of Institute of Blockchain, emphasized collaboration and education as pivotal components for industry adoption. Lee emphasized the need for industry players to leverage collective expertise, envisioning the partnership's role in fostering the next generation of Web3 innovators.

The partnership addresses the fragmented landscape of blockchain education, aiming to resolve issues like the absence of formal programs from accredited institutions, inconsistent boot camp schedules, and unreliable independent learning options, catering specifically to busy professionals seeking quality education.

Blockchain emerges as a topmost in-demand skill for recruiters, as per a LinkedIn company survey in 2020. Additionally, McKinsey has hailed Web3 as a key trend for 2023, underscoring the timeliness and relevance of comprehensive blockchain education.

This collaboration between EMURGO and Institute of Blockchain seeks to bridge education gaps and equip professionals with essential blockchain skills, fortifying their prowess in both Cardano's ecosystem and the wider blockchain industry.