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Expandi Group Integrates with Award-Winning B2B Agency Session Media

Expandi Group announces the integration of UK-based Session Media, enhancing its digital advertising and optimisation services for global clients.

Expandi Group and Session Media: A Strategic Integration

Expandi Group, Europe's leading B2B adtech and martech provider, has announced the incorporation of Session Media Ltd., an award-winning UK-based B2B digital agency, into its group. The innovative digital advertising and optimisation services of Session Media will enrich Expandi Group's existing tech-enabled offerings, creating new opportunities for clients and agencies globally.

Powered by unique data segments, including comprehensive European intent data, Expandi's account-based marketing (ABM) platform is utilized to execute effective advertising campaigns, optimize media investment, and identify and target optimal B2B audiences.

The unification of these two companies will empower marketers to enhance their digital marketing strategies, optimize their online presence, and improve their advertising campaign results by leveraging the fully integrated services offered by the group.

Ben Brown, Session Media's Managing Director, lauded the partnership as a significant addition to their performance marketing offerings. The collaboration enhances the impact of client campaigns by using award-winning ABM tools and intent data to improve omnichannel reach and attribution.

Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO of Expandi, expressed that this partnership would expand their digital advertising service offering to now include search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This new expertise will allow clients and partner agencies to deliver better results and maximize their marketing budgets.