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Facebook Introduces New Metric to Page Insights API for Video Performance

Facebook has announced a new feature for its Page Insights API, providing more in-depth analytics for video content. The new metric, called "video views by distribution type," breaks down views into six categories based on how they were distributed across the platform.

Here are the six categories of video views by distribution type:

  • Page Uploaded: Views of videos posted by your Page, including shares and crossposts of them to other pages
  • Page Uploaded from Crossposts: Views of videos crossposted to other pages
  • Page Uploaded from Shares: Views of videos shared to other pages
  • Page Hosted Crosspost: Views on your Page of videos that have been crossposted from other pages
  • Page Hosted Share: Views on your Page of videos that have been shared from other pages
  • Page Owned: Views on your Page of videos that were originally posted on your Page

This new feature provides valuable insight for video content creators, allowing them to track how their videos are being shared and distributed across Facebook. The more detailed metrics can help creators identify what types of videos are resonating with their audience and adjust their content strategy accordingly.

To access the new metric, users must have a Facebook Page and use the Page Insights API. Facebook notes that the new feature will be rolling out gradually over the coming weeks.