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FaceTime Now Available on Apple TV 4K for More Convenient Video Calls

Say hello to the future of TV-based video calling with FaceTime on Apple TV 4K! Dive into tvOS 17's other awesome features, from a redesigned Control Center to improved audio!

FaceTime Comes to Apple TV 4K with tvOS 17

Hey, Apple aficionados, brace yourselves! Alongside the seismic iOS 17 release, Apple just dropped another bombshell—the rollout of tvOS 17. And wait for it... You can now FaceTime from your Apple TV 4K!

That's right, the tech giant announced this groundbreaking feature at the Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this year. Thanks to the Continuity Camera on your iPhone or iPad, you can use it as a wireless webcam. And not just that! Developers are already integrating this feature to bring communication and entertainment apps to the big screen. Imagine, for instance, belting out your favorite tunes with Apple Music Sing, all while enjoying the FaceTime view!

But that's not all folks! tvOS 17 is spiced up with a treasure trove of additional features. The home screen's Control Center is not just a facelift—it's a total revamp. Apple says it will now display system status, including the time and activity profile, and offer other nifty touches based on your activity. How about adjusting your AirPods or checking your home cameras with a single remote click? Mind. Blown.

Lost your Siri Remote? Don't sweat it! The Control Center on your iPhone now has an Apple TV Remote feature that will help you find that slippery controller.

And guess what? Your Apple TV 4K can now separate dialogue from background noise, making it easier to hear what's being said during action-packed movies or shows. This audio magic works especially well when paired with a 2nd-generation HomePod.

While tvOS 17 does bring a lot to the Apple TV 4K, those of you with Apple TV HD aren't left behind. Expanded Siri functionality is coming your way, so you can ask more than just what's on TV.

So, if you haven't updated to tvOS 17 yet, what are you waiting for? It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolution. Happy FaceTiming!