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FaceTime to Transform Your TV Experience, Thanks to Apple

Apple TV transforms your virtual call experience with the integration of FaceTime and Continuity Camera.

Apple TV is about to become your new best friend for virtual calls. Announced at the WWDC conference, Apple TV will soon be your portal to FaceTime calls, courtesy of Continuity Camera. This innovative feature, debuted last year, turns your iPhone or iPad into a wireless webcam.

The upcoming FaceTime app on Apple TV will be boosted by Center Stage, Apple's AI-driven technology that tweaks the front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad. It frames you perfectly, even while you're engaged with the TV, ensuring you're never out of the spotlight on video calls.

Many companies, including Meta and Logitech, have tried to simplify video calls on TV. Now, it's Apple's turn to take a crack at it. Will they emerge victorious, or will it be another swing and a miss? Only time will tell.

If you had a WWDC23 bingo card, you'd be crossing off the square for Apple TV enhancements. While no new hardware was announced, Apple did unveil a selection of upgrades to tvOS and the Apple TV device itself. The highlight is undoubtedly the addition of FaceTime to Apple TV, which harnesses the power of Continuity Camera.

Your Apple TV will link to your iPhone or iPad, using their camera and microphone for the call while displaying it on your TV screen. Initiate the FaceTime call on your iPhone and seamlessly transfer it to Apple TV, or accept an incoming call on your iPhone and then shift it to the TV.

Center Stage ensures you stay framed even as you move around, while SharePlay lets you synchronize TV watching with friends during your FaceTime call.

Business users will be glad to know that third-party apps like WebEx and Zoom will have access to the Continuity Camera API, offering similar functionality by the end of the year.

And if you're always misplacing your Apple TV remote, you're in luck. Siri will help locate it, although Apple has yet to reveal the specifics of this feature.