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Fitbit Announces Revamped App with New Three-Tab Design

Fitbit, owned by Google, reveals plans to launch a redesigned app featuring a three-tab layout. The revamped app is set to offer users a more comprehensive and interactive health tracking experience.

Fitbit Unveils Redesigned App with New Features

Fitbit, now a Google-owned company, has announced its plan to launch a new, redesigned app over the coming months. The company plans to beta test the new app with a select group of users, with a full rollout expected in the near future.

The new Fitbit app will feature a three-tab structure, including a "Today" tab for users to quickly view their daily activity, a "Coach" tab offering health and fitness content, and a "You" tab that allows users to adjust their goals and monitor their progress.

The revamped "Today" tab will offer an easily readable display of users' daily steps, stress management levels, sleep scores, zone minutes, and other activities. Fitbit Premium users will have access to additional data, such as readiness scores.

Fitbit Today Tab

The new "Coach" tab will serve as a hub for fitness, nutritional, and mindfulness content, and will allow users to filter workouts by equipment type.

Fitbit Coach Tab

The "You" tab lets users adjust their goals and track their progress on steps, activity, and sleep, incorporating features such as achievements and community interactions.

Fitbit You Tab

The new Fitbit app is designed using Google Material Design standards, signalling that users may see more Google influence in the service. The company also plans to offer a feature for tracking health metrics even for those who don't own a Fitbit device, by using the app to record activities like walks, runs, or hikes.