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Ford Appoints Former Apple Exec to Lead its New Software Services Unit

Peter Stern, ex-Apple executive, is set to spearhead Ford's new Integrated Services unit, aiming to leverage software to enhance customer experiences.


Ford Motors has enlisted the expertise of Peter Stern, an ex-Apple executive, to pilot its novel Ford Integrated Services division. This unit's mission is to craft and promote software-infused experiences tailored for Ford’s trio of sectors: Ford Blue (gas and hybrid automobiles), Model e (smart EVs), and Ford Pro (business-centric products).

Amid the rise of vehicles defined by software, Ford is pouring resources into spawning more services. These are tailored to individualize driver experiences, forge a bond between hardware and software, and harvest fresh revenue channels. Despite Ford raking in a staggering $45 billion in Q2 revenue, the firm anticipates its EV domain to face a $4.5 billion deficit in 2023. Hence, software emerges as Ford's white knight to bridge this financial abyss.

The responsibilities under Ford Integrated Services encompass refining innovations, such as the BlueCruise 'hands-free' highway driving aid system, carrying a $2,100 price tag. Additionally, the sector zeroes in on devising commercial solutions spanning fleet management, telematics, and EV charging. Currently, Ford boasts 550,000 paid software and services patrons, with a whopping 80% springing from Ford Pro.

Peter Stern's portfolio will also embrace Ford Next, the automaker's global enterprise hub. Interestingly, Ford Next's previous CEO, Franck Louis-Victor, faced felony accusations in July but is presently on leave from Ford. Stern will liaise directly with Jim Farley. His impressive tenure at Apple as VP of Services witnessed the birth of multiple services like Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade, to name a few.

Jim Farley, Ford's CEO and president, lauded Stern's appointment, emphasizing his unparalleled competence in revolutionizing customer services and experiences bolstered by superior hardware and software.