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Former Balfour Beatty Director Appointed as Managing Director at Big Bamboo Bids

Industry veteran Ken Erskine is named the new Managing Director of Big Bamboo Bids. With 36 years of experience, he aims to propel the company to new heights.

Ken Erskine MD at Big Bamboo Bids

It's a pivotal moment for Big Bamboo Bids as they welcome Ken Erskine as their new Managing Director. With a sterling history in bid management spanning 36 years, Ken is nothing short of an industry titan. His decorated resume includes stints at renowned firms like Carillion, Mowlem, and most recently, as the Bid Director at Balfour Beatty.

Nicola Stamford, the Founding Director of Big Bamboo Bids, couldn't hide her enthusiasm. "Bringing Ken into the fold marks an exciting epoch for our company," she exclaimed. "His proficiency in BID management is unparalleled. Teaming him with Racheal, our Head of BIDs, and Jamie, our Senior Proposals Manager, makes me thrilled for what the future holds."

Ken's mandate? To establish Big Bamboo Bids as a consultancy juggernaut in the sector. And don't expect him to be a backseat director; Ken plans to be an active consultant. "Having connected with Nicola via a mutual acquaintance, it quickly became apparent that we shared a vision. A vision of a consultancy that not only sustains but disrupts the market," said Ken.

In just one year since spinning out from Big Bamboo, the agency has already clinched substantial contracts in the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors. Under Ken's guidance, the firm aims to retain its victories while capitalizing on new opportunities.

"Joining Big Bamboo Bids feels like the culmination of my 36-year journey in this field," Ken explained. "I found myself at a crossroads, yearning for a fresh challenge. When this opportunity presented itself, it wasn't just another job offer; it was a call to innovate and make a tangible difference."

So, hold onto your hats! With Ken Erskine leading the charge, Big Bamboo Bids is poised to redefine bid management and disrupt the status quo. Stay tuned for what promises to be an electrifying journey!