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Meta Releases 'Threads Dictionary' to Help Users Stay Updated on the Latest App Terminology

Meta releases a 'Threads Dictionary' to keep users updated with the latest app-specific terminology. Now, learn and speak the language of Threads like a pro!

Threads Dictionary

Are you puzzled about the difference between a 'post' and a 'Thread' on Threads? Or maybe you're unsure what 're-threads' are? As the app navigates its initial stages, Meta brings a solution to your linguistic woes: the Threads Dictionary!

Threads Dictionary

Here's a brief rundown on how to speak the Threads lingo fluently:

  • Every conversation on the platform is termed a 'thread', and when you initiate a discussion, you 'post a thread'.
  • An 'individual element' within a thread is called a 'post', although some users also refer to this action as 'threading' or 'stitching'.
  • Sharing a thread is termed a 'repost', not a 're-thread' or any other variation.
  • And finally, if you share someone else's post, it's a 'quote thread'.

Sounds simple, right? No need to master an entirely new language. However, there may still be some debate about what 'threading' should technically refer to.

As Threads gains traction—it's already clocked 48 million profiles—the terminology may further evolve, leading to different interpretations of the app's title, some of which might technically not be correct. But for now, Meta aims to keep the lingo clean and intuitive.

After all, using familiar terminology could help attract more users—a smart approach when you're trying to win over a larger audience.

Eager to stay updated with the latest Threads lingo? Keep a close eye on the Threads Instagram profile or follow the Threads account within the app. Time to thread with confidence!