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Glebe Farm Appoints Mercieca as New PR Agency

Glebe Farm, a leading producer of gluten-free oats, has joined forces with London-based PR agency Mercieca. The partnership aims to elevate Glebe Farm’s brand and its gluten-free products in the European market.

Glebe Farm Chooses Mercieca as PR Agency

Glebe Farm, renowned for its gluten-free oats and products like PureOaty, has announced a partnership with London-based Mercieca to manage its PR and elevate brand awareness.

Mercieca will spearhead a targeted PR trade strategy aimed at consolidating Glebe Farm’s standing as a premier oats supplier in Europe. This strategy involves both proactive and reactive media management.

“We’ve already experienced how well Mercieca blends creativity with commercial acumen. They are essentially an extension of our team now,” says Abigail Nelson-Ehoff, Glebe Farm's Head of Marketing.

Glebe Farm is known for its unconventional marketing campaigns. After successfully defending itself against a lawsuit from competitor Oatly, the company launched a cheeky and bold marketing campaign.

Mercieca’s PR Director, Gemma Oakes, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, noting Glebe Farm's unique position in the UK as a producer of 100% gluten-free oats. “Their product, PureOaty, has already been a hit in our office,” Oakes mentioned.

The alliance between Glebe Farm and Mercieca signifies a targeted approach to elevate Glebe Farm's brand and its gluten-free products. With Mercieca's expertise in PR and Glebe Farm's unique offerings, the partnership seems poised for success in the European market.