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Gmail Faced Two Outages This Week Causing Email Delivery Delays

Twice this week, Gmail faced delays in email delivery, impacting users intermittently, causing disruption during work hours.

Gmail Faces Email Delay Issues Twice in a Week, Impacting Users

This week, Gmail encountered unexpected hurdles with delayed email deliveries, disrupting user communication on two separate occasions. The incidents, though swiftly addressed, caused inconveniences for affected users, occurring during crucial work hours.

On Thursday, issues were first reported around 12:31PM ET, prompting Google to acknowledge delays in sending emails for impacted customers. By 5:03PM ET, an update on Gmail's Workspace Status Dashboard indicated that the problem had been rectified.

The Thursday disruptions seemed to have varying impacts on different users. Some experienced delays in receiving emails sent from personal accounts to work-related emails, while others encountered issues in the reverse direction. This inconsistency in the disruptions was noted by various sources, such as The Verge and 9to5Google, illustrating the sporadic nature of the problem.

Friday saw a recurrence of email delays, with Google acknowledging issues beginning at 1:52PM ET, as highlighted in a status update on Gmail at 2:24PM ET. Fortunately, this incident was resolved relatively swiftly, with Google confirming the fix by 3:36PM ET.

While reports from Downdetector indicated over 700 user-reported issues on Thursday and a little over 100 on Friday, it suggests that the disruptions might not have affected all users universally. However, for those impacted, especially during crucial weekday work hours, the interruptions might have caused significant inconvenience.

At present, Google has not provided additional comments or explanations regarding the cause of these intermittent email delivery delays.