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Gmail is starting to show more ads, including in the middle of the Inbox

Gmail is starting to show more ads within email lists, drawing negative reactions from users as Google increases its ad placements.

Google's Gmail is beginning to display more ads, including within email lists, to the dismay of many users. Ads have long been a core component of Google's business model, enabling the company to offer its products for free.

For years, Gmail has featured ads, with mobile apps receiving ad placements a decade ago. These ads have evolved in terms of placement and appearance, but recently, Google has seemingly increased the number of ads displayed on both mobile devices and the web.

On mobile, Gmail now shows ads within the "Updates" filter of users' inboxes. Previously, this filter, which captures order-related emails, select promotions, and billing statements, was the only one of the default filters (including "Promotions" and "Social") without ads. Gmail now displays two ads at the top of the "Updates" tab, consistent with the other tabs.

Additionally, Gmail has begun integrating ads throughout email lists under Gmail tabs on desktop. While these ads are not displayed in the main inbox, dozens of users have reported this change on Twitter over the past two days. Some users have also noticed a general increase in ad placements, beyond the usual two ads displayed by Google. No settings appear to control the placement of ads in the inbox, and it remains unclear whether this change will be implemented for all users.