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Gmail Mobile App Adds Native Translation: A Game-Changer for Multilingual Users

Gmail's latest update brings native translation to its mobile apps, bridging a gap that desktop users have enjoyed for a while. Say goodbye to the Google Translate workaround.

Gmail Mobile Integrates Native Email Translation Feature

The days of juggling between the Gmail app and Google Translate are officially over for mobile users. Google's latest announcement on its Workspace Updates blog heralded the arrival of a feature many have eagerly awaited: native email translation on the Gmail app for Android and iOS.

The translation tool has long been a mainstay for Gmail's desktop users, streamlining communications for those engaged in multilingual correspondence. The mobile version's integration now brings parity across platforms, with compatibility for up to 100 languages.

Before this update, mobile users faced a rather clunky process if they needed an email translated. This involved copying and pasting the email content into Google Translate or resorting to capturing a screenshot and relying on Google Lens to provide a translation. This added step not only disrupted the user experience but also consumed extra time.

Activating the translation feature on mobile is straightforward. Within an email, users will find the "Translate" option in the three-dot overflow menu located in the upper right-hand corner. For added convenience, users can predetermine their preferred output language in the app settings. Should the content of an email not align with the preset "Gmail display language," a prompt will emerge, offering a translation. For the polyglots out there or those proficient in multiple languages, Google has incorporated an opt-out option to prevent unnecessary translation prompts.

Image Credits: Google

Android enthusiasts can expect this feature to grace their devices progressively over the next fortnight. Meanwhile, iOS users will witness the rollout commencing August 21.

With this new addition, Gmail's mobile app not only enhances its functionality but also emphasizes Google's commitment to fostering smooth and efficient communication for its global user base.