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Gmail Unveils Game-Changing Availability Sharing Feature, Inspired by Calendly!

Gmail brings an innovative feature to easily share availability from Google Calendar, simplifying scheduling and enhancing productivity.

In a major leap towards seamless scheduling and heightened efficiency, Gmail has unveiled a groundbreaking feature inspired by the popular tool Calendly. This game-changing addition allows users to effortlessly share their availability directly from Google Calendar. Gone are the days of digging through menus – now, scheduling is just a few clicks away!

With the click of the "Create an event" button, a Google Calendar event is automatically generated, with the email subject serving as the event name and the email recipients listed as participants. To make sharing even easier, a meeting summary is included in the email body, providing a quick overview of the meeting details. While this functionality was already present in Gmail, it was tucked away in the three-dot menu. But now, it takes center stage for convenient access.

But that's not all! The new availability-sharing feature takes things up a notch by opening a user-friendly calendar view in the sidebar. Users can now effortlessly drag available time slots across different days and share them with their intended recipients. Whether you're coordinating a group meeting or planning a one-on-one discussion, this feature ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Image Credits: Google

While various scheduling tools such as Calendly,, Amie, and Vimcal have gained popularity, Gmail's availability-sharing feature offers a simple and integrated alternative. No more juggling between different platforms – Gmail provides all the tools you need to book meetings and share availability seamlessly.

But Gmail isn't stopping there. They're on a roll with a range of new features in Google Calendar. Now, freelancers can take advantage of paid meetings by integrating their Stripe account directly. This allows them to monetize their time effectively while maintaining a smooth workflow. Additionally, hybrid workers can indicate their work location based on the time of day, whether they're working from home, the office, or another location. These enhancements reflect Google's commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience and maximizing productivity within their suite of powerful productivity tools.

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and hello to Gmail's innovative availability-sharing feature. It's time to streamline your calendar and embrace a more efficient way of organizing meetings and managing your time.