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GOOD Agency Promotes Ethical AI Usage with New FAIR Charter

Purpose-driven agency GOOD has introduced the FAIR Charter, an AI ethical use guideline, to ensure fairness and integrity in the marketing industry's AI application.

GOOD Agency Introduces FAIR Charter for Ethical AI Use

Strategic and creative agency GOOD has launched an AI charter to encourage fair and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) within the marketing industry. The 'FAIR: The GOOD AI Charter' aims to ensure that the agency's AI usage aligns with its values and is ethical and fair, encouraging others in the industry to follow its example.

The charter outlines six key principles, including 'Creativity,' which promises proper credit and compensation for original creators, and 'Anti-bias,' aiming to acknowledge and combat biases to generate balanced, diverse, and inclusive results.

Other principles include 'Sensitivity,' a promise not to compromise clients or customers by sharing sensitive data with AI platforms, and 'Responsibility,' positioning AI as a tool to augment human work, always subject to checks to ensure the highest quality of work.

'Authenticity' and 'Transparency' emphasize the importance of clear communication about AI usage and advocate for authentic storytelling through a human-to-human agency working in tandem with AI.

This charter comes amidst growing concerns over AI's ethical use in the marketing industry, with a recent IPA report finding that nearly three-quarters of consumers think brands should be more transparent about their AI content use.

Last month, creative agency Ogilvy proposed an industry-wide policy change called the 'AI Accountability Act,' advocating for a #poweredbyAI hashtag to ensure complete transparency when using AI influencers.

Nilesha Chauvet, Good Agency's managing director, stated that the FAIR Charter holds both the agency and others accountable for their technology use. Adherence to the six principles of the FAIR Charter ensures that GOOD continues its commitment to 'work for the world,' keeping pace with AI advancements ethically and fairly.