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Google Adds Biometric Authentication to its Desktop Password Manager

Google is soon to introduce biometric authentication to its Chrome desktop Password Manager tool, adding another layer of security to its password management system.

Google announced today that it will soon be adding biometric authentication to the Password Manager tool on its Chrome browser for desktop users. This new feature, already available on Android and iOS, provides an added layer of security, requiring biometric verification like fingerprint or facial recognition before autofilling passwords. The types of biometrics available will depend on the hardware attached to the PC and the support of the PC's operating system.

The tech giant did not specify when this feature would be available, only stating it would be "soon." Furthermore, Google has added a dedicated home for Password Manager in Chrome on desktop, offering users a shortcut in the Chrome menu, and an optional new desktop shortcut.

In the upcoming months, the Password Manager tool on iOS will flag weak and reused passwords via Google's Password Checkup tool. Also on iOS, a larger, more "tappable" prompt for autofilling passwords and grouping for multiple accounts are set to be introduced this week.

For both desktop and mobile, users can now add notes to saved credentials in Password Manager, useful for remembering details like multiple logins for a website or PIN numbers associated with passwords. Password Manager also now makes it easier to import passwords from other password manager apps.