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Google Assistant and Alexa Co-Exist in One Speaker Lineup for the First Time!

Harman shakes the tech world by launching speakers that integrate both Google Assistant and Alexa. Say hello to the era of seamless voice assistant collaboration!

Harman Merges Google Assistant and Alexa in New Speakers

Are you tired of choosing between Alexa and Google Assistant? The tech gods have heard you! For years, the two voice assistants have been locked in an epic showdown. But now, thanks to Harman's all-new JBL Authentics lineup, these two giants are shaking hands, not fists.

Set to launch on September 17, the Authentics 200, 300, and 500 come jam-packed with automatic self-tuning, Bluetooth, and multiroom playback. Oh, and did we mention that they are the FIRST speakers to integrate both Google Assistant and Alexa?

The integration is nothing short of revolutionary. Amazon and Google had a 'can't-stand-each-other' kind of relationship. Google had been extremely choosy about letting manufacturers combine the two assistants. Meanwhile, Amazon was busy pushing for greater interoperability. In fact, they launched the Voice Interoperability Initiative back in 2019 to ensure that users could choose between multiple voice assistants.

So, what made them bury the hatchet? Simply put, it's all about giving you more choices. On these new JBL Authentics speakers, you can ask Alexa to set a timer and then ask Google Assistant to turn it off. No more juggling between devices!

The speakers use something called Universal Device Commands (UDC), which allows for a harmonious co-existence. So, your assistants won't be talking over each other like squabbling siblings. According to Amazon and Google, the focus is on offering a 'complementary' experience.

Could this be a long-lasting truce? With smart speaker sales declining, both companies are feeling the pinch. Amazon has reportedly lost billions on Alexa, while Google has scaled back its investments. So, the future is uncertain, but for now, this is a massive win for all of us yearning for a more integrated smart home experience.

Don't wait, mark your calendars for September 17. Get ready to invite both Alexa and Google Assistant to your next smart home party!