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Google Broadens Availability of Social Media Links in Business Profiles

Google extends the feature of adding social media links to Google Business profiles. This enhances brand visibility across Search and Maps.

Social Media Links Now on Google Business Profiles

In its continued efforts to augment brand presence online, Google has recently broadened the feature that allows businesses to incorporate social media links into their Google Business profiles. With this enhancement, when your official brand listing appears on Google Search and Maps, users will also see your associated social media handles.

Originally rolled out in August, this feature was exclusive to a few select brands. But Google has now opened the gates, granting most businesses across numerous regions the ability to flaunt their social media presence right on their Google Business profiles.

The rationale behind this seems clear: to foster a streamlined experience for users seeking to engage with your brand via social channels. Presently, the roster of supported platforms includes:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • X (previously recognized as Twitter)
  • YouTube

However, platforms like Threads, Mastodon, and notably, Snapchat, haven't made the cut. The omission of Snapchat is particularly intriguing, given its independent business listings.

How to Integrate Social Media on Google Business Profile?

  1. Access your Google Business profile.
  2. Navigate to “Edit profile” followed by “Business information”.
  3. Under the “Contact” segment, you can incorporate your social media links.

This newfound integration offers a dual advantage. Firstly, it can channel more traffic to your social media platforms. Secondly, by presenting more avenues for connectivity, it caters to users' platform preferences, enriching their experience and brand engagement.