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Google Chrome Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Visual Redesign and Enhanced Search Features

Google celebrates Chrome's 15th anniversary with a massive update featuring Material You design, real-time Safe Browsing, and new search tools. Here’s what to expect.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the browser that has been our trusty companion for 15 years, is getting an epic makeover in celebration of its 15th anniversary. And this isn't just some minor nip and tuck; we're talking a comprehensive redesign, based on Google's cutting-edge "Material You" design principles.

For starters, the icons are getting a facelift with a "focus on legibility," says Google. The browser is also set to introduce fresh color palettes that will complement your tabs and toolbar. Think of it as Chrome not just wearing a new suit but also changing its personality to match yours. Want to differentiate between your work and personal profiles? Now you can, with custom themes tailored to each.

What’s more, Chrome will align with your computer’s OS settings for light and dark modes. Google is also decluttering the user interface by consolidating frequently used features into a three-dot menu on the top-right corner, including access to Chrome extensions, Google Translate, and Google Password Manager.

Google’s Safe Browsing feature is being ramped up to real-time capabilities. With the rise of ephemeral phishing websites, real-time monitoring is becoming a necessity. Google states that 60% of malicious sites existed for less than 10 minutes, necessitating this real-time upgrade.

Image Credits: Google

The Chrome Web Store isn’t being left out of this transformation. Now in public preview, the Web Store will feature new categories like AI-powered extensions and offer a more personalized shopping experience. A new Safety Check feature for extensions will help you keep away from potentially malicious ones, aided by third-party tools like CRXcavator and Spin.AI Risk Assessment.

The update is also spicing up Chrome’s search capabilities. A “Search this page with Google” option is being added to the three-dot menu, offering a Google Search side panel that will let you explore related searches and even the source of the page you’re currently viewing.

Notably, Google has extended its generative AI features from Search into Chrome for desktop users in the U.S., giving you even more reason to keep using the browser that commands a staggering 63.52% market share.

But let's not forget the new kids on the block like Arc, which are redefining what browsers can do, attracting the young and tech-savvy who crave fresh approaches to web browsing.

So, are you ready for the next chapter in Chrome's life? As these changes roll out in the coming weeks, the internet’s most popular browser seems set to strengthen its grip on the market even further. Happy 15th, Chrome!