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Google Enhances User Privacy with Browsing History, Password Manager Updates

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Google rolls out new privacy controls, allowing Android users quicker browsing history clearance and iOS users the default autofill with Google Password Manager.

Google Boosts Privacy Controls for Cybersecurity Month

In a stride towards advancing user privacy, Google introduced a slew of updates in observance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. These updates are designed to alleviate the security management challenges faced by users.

Android enthusiasts can anticipate a swift feature permitting them to erase the preceding 15 minutes of their browsing trail, inclusive of site data and recent tabs. This addition presents a shorter time frame compared to the earlier minimum duration of one hour. To utilize this feature, users simply navigate to the 'clear browsing data' option within their Chrome browser settings.

Apple users aren't left behind as Google's Password Manager, embedded within the Google application, can now be chosen as the default autofill tool. This upgrade enables seamless password insertion across different apps and sites directly via the Google app.

An enhancement to the 'dark web report' has also been instituted, simplifying its accessibility. This function aids in identifying potential exposure of Gmail addresses on the obscure dark web. To access this report, users log into the Google app, tap on their profile picture, and locate the dark web report in the account menu. While Android users can benefit from this feature immediately, iOS users will have to wait a tad longer.

All these initiatives are in tandem with Google's recent decision to adopt passkeys as the predominant sign-in medium. By leveraging encrypted biometric validation techniques available on devices, the conventional username-password duo, prone to phishing and other vulnerabilities, is effectively sidestepped.

These decisive steps underscore Google's unwavering commitment to bolstering cybersecurity and ensuring an enhanced digital experience for its vast user base.