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Google Home’s Advanced Script Editor is Live for Powerful Smart Home Automations

Google Home's script editor, offering advanced automations, is now available in the public preview. The new tool enhances smart home capabilities with advanced conditions, actions, and over 100 new features.

Google has launched its advanced script editor tool for Google Home, adding powerful automation features to its smart home devices. The tool, which went live on June 13th, is currently available to those in the Google Home public preview via the new web interface. It is expected to be available in the Google Home app preview from June 14th, though no date for general availability has been announced yet.

The Google Home script editor allows users to string multiple devices together to automate tasks, such as turning lights on, playing music, locking doors, etc. The tool offers more advanced options for automations than the existing Google Home app, including multiple starters, actions, and conditions. For example, users can set an automation to run only if the TV is on and it’s after 6PM but before midnight.

Similar to platforms like Home Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple Home through Apple Shortcuts, the Google Home script editor requires some basic coding knowledge. However, it offers more than 100 new features and capabilities, including access to nearly 100 starters and actions, such as Matter sensors, which currently cannot be utilized in the Home app. Once script editor automations are set up in the web interface, they will appear in the Google Home app, where any household member can edit, run, deactivate, or delete them.

Despite its advanced functionality, the script editor is primarily a prosumer offering. While it has an autocomplete feature for easier coding, it may not be suitable for casual smart home users. However, for advanced Google Home users, this tool represents a significant upgrade to the platform since the launch of Matter last year.