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Google Integrates First-Generation Indoor Nest Cameras into Its Home App

Google adds first-gen Nest Cam Indoor to its Home app, allowing users to manage and view their camera feeds within a single app. The update is currently in public preview.

Google Home App Now Supports First-Gen Nest Indoor Cameras

In a move toward streamlining its smart home ecosystem, Google has announced that users can now manage and view their first-generation Nest Cam Indoor through its Home app. This announcement follows Google's previous statement at its I/O annual developer conference, promising the inclusion of these devices into the newer application.

Originally, Nest cameras had their own dedicated application before Google's acquisition of the company. Over time, Google incorporated support for various smart home devices in its Home app, but first-gen Nest camera users had to continue using the older, separate application. With this new update, those days are over. Users in the public preview can now manage their first-gen Nest Cam Indoor from the Google Home app itself, adding it to their Favorites tab for quick access.

According to Google, the transition from the old Nest app to the new Home app will take users around 10 minutes. After completing this one-time process, users can relish the convenience of managing all their smart devices, including their Nest Cam Indoor, from a single application. This means a more seamless, organized experience for users who have been toggling between different apps to manage their Google smart home ecosystem.

The feature is currently available in a public preview version of the Home app and is expected to roll out completely over the next few weeks. Once it does, a significant number of users will benefit from a unified app experience, potentially setting the stage for further integrations and updates down the line.

For first-gen Nest Cam Indoor users, this update brings not just convenience but also the promise of a continuously evolving, integrated smart home experience under Google's ecosystem.