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Google Introduces App Streaming for Chromebook via Phone Hub on Pixel and Xiaomi Devices

Google has enabled app streaming through Phone Hub in ChromeOS Beta, allowing users to access and use apps from their Android phones on their Chromebooks, enhancing multitasking and device integration.

Google has announced the integration of app streaming through Phone Hub in ChromeOS Beta, a feature that lets users access and use apps from their Android phones directly on their Chromebooks. This enhancement allows seamless multitasking and device integration, as users can check phone notifications, find open tabs, and stream apps from their mobile Chrome browser to their Chromebook.

According to Google's support page, app streaming is compatible with Pixel devices starting from Pixel 4A, running Android version 13 or later. Additionally, non-Pixel phones such as the Xiaomi 12T, 12T Pro, 13, and 13 Pro, also running Android 13 or later, are supported.

Users can stream apps by clicking a messaging app notification or browsing the "Recent Apps" section in Phone Hub after opening an app on their mobile device. To use app streaming, users must enable Phone Hub on their Chromebook.

Google explained in a blog post, "You can now complete quick tasks like replying to a conversation, checking on the status of a rideshare or delivery, and editing your shopping list by streaming your Android phone's apps on your Chromebook."

Users can interact with the streamed app using their Chromebook's trackpad or touch screen, if available. To enable app streaming, both the phone and Chromebook must be on the same Wi-Fi network and in close proximity. If the current network environment does not support app streaming, users can utilize Instant Tethering to connect both devices to the same local area network.

This new functionality enhances the user experience by allowing users to complete tasks without constantly switching between devices. Chromebook Android app streaming is currently available on the ChromeOS beta channel.