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Google Introduces New Domain Extension to Offer More Unique URLs

Google introduces the .ing domain extension, offering brands a chance at clever wordplay in their URLs. But do such novelty domains drive more traffic?

Google Unveils .ing Domain Extension

In an unexpected move, Google has rolled out its new domain extension - .ing. This innovative offering gives brands the creative license to come up with adverb-themed URLs.

According to Google, the .ing extension caters to a myriad of interests and activities, be it crafting a website, donating to causes, embarking on adventures, or even relishing a dumpling. The idea is to provide a playful twist to traditional URLs.

Post the sale of Google Domains to Squarespace, the unveiling of the .ing domain might come as a surprise to many. The move shows that despite cost-cutting endeavors, Google still harbors ambitions in the domain space through the Google Registry.

On the upside, an .ing URL could make a brand stand out, potentially increasing recall and driving traffic. On the flip side, the unfamiliarity beyond the standard .com might deter users from engaging with these URLs.

There's no concrete data supporting the efficacy of such novelty domains in terms of driving more traffic. Their unusual nature might make them a hit or miss. Yet, for brands looking to experiment or spotlight a particular product, it could be worth a shot.

For those intrigued, .ing domains are now open for registration during its Early Access Period (EAP) for a special fee. By December 5, these domains will be open to the public at a standard annual rate.

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