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Google Launches Emoji Mashup Maker in Search Feature

Go wild with your emoji expressions! Google's Emoji Kitchen is now accessible right from Google Search, making custom emojis easier than ever.

Google's Emoji Kitchen

Hey, emoji enthusiasts and texting titans! 🌈 Do you ever feel like the available emojis just can’t fully express your creative or emotional nuance? Wish you could invent your own emoji like a cowboy-hat-wearing panda or an angry pumpkin? Well, Google heard you and they've delivered BIG TIME!

Introducing Google's Emoji Kitchen, now integrated directly into Google Search! Previously an Android-only treat through the Gboard app, this miraculous emoji maker has been unleashed onto the web, and yes, it's also available for you iPhone users out there!

Kickstart your emoji-master-chef journey by simply typing "Emoji Kitchen" into Google Search. Click the "Get cooking" prompt and unleash your inner emoji artist. Choose from dozens of emojis to mix and match or go wild with the randomizer! Once you've cooked up your perfect emoji combo, click on it to copy it to your device's clipboard, ready to spice up your chats and documents.

And here's the cherry on top—this fab feature works seamlessly on mobile browsers and the Google app! While it’s true that the web version doesn't offer as many combinations as Gboard, it's a game-changer that it's available on more devices now.

Don't settle for plain old smiley faces. Elevate your emoji game to a whole new level with Google's Emoji Kitchen! 🚀 Start "cooking" your own emojis today!