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Google Launches New Shop Tab for Rentals and Purchases on Android TV

Google has introduced a 'Shop' tab on Android TV, providing a dedicated space for users to explore and rent or purchase titles.

Google Android TV Shop Tab

Google has introduced a new "Shop" tab on Android TV, enhancing users' ability to browse, rent, and purchase titles directly from their devices. The new feature is currently rolling out to all Android TV users in the U.S.

The "Shop" tab brings a streamlined shopping experience, allowing users to easily discover new titles. In addition to this, a section named "Library" will display a carousel of thumbnails showcasing movies and TV shows that users have previously purchased from Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, Google TV, or Android TV.

One of the added benefits is the ability to purchase titles on Android TV and subsequently download them through Google Play Movies & TV on a phone or tablet. This allows users to watch the content offline or on a different device.

Google's new initiative follows in the footsteps of Amazon, which last year revamped Prime Video and put a greater emphasis on purchasable or rentable titles and channels.

The "Shop" tab is slated to become available to Android TV users worldwide in the coming weeks, marking another significant step in Google's efforts to grow the Android TV ecosystem. In the previous year, Google reported over 110 million monthly active Android TV devices.

Moreover, Google is getting ready to roll out Android 14 to Android TV devices. The beta version of the software indicates that users will receive features like a top-level accessibility menu with options for text scaling, bold text, and color description. This new update aims to create a more user-friendly, accessible, and enriched Android TV experience.