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Google-Led App Defense Alliance Joins Linux Foundation, Welcoming Meta and Microsoft as Members

Google's App Defense Alliance, focused on app security, has joined the Joint Development Foundation (JDF) to strengthen collaborative efforts and improve industry standards.

Google's App Defense Alliance Joins Joint Development Foundation to Enhance App Security

Google's App Defense Alliance (ADA), established in 2019 to protect the Play app store from malicious Android apps, has taken a significant step by joining the Joint Development Foundation (JDF). The JDF, a Linux Foundation project, specializes in helping organizations work on technical specifications, standards, and related endeavors.

Initially dedicated to detecting Android malware, the ADA has expanded its mission over the years to encompass broader aspects of app security, such as malware mitigation, mobile app security assessments (MASA), and cloud app security assessments (CASA). The ADA's founding members included mobile security firms like ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium, and it has since welcomed new members, including Trend Micro and McAfee.

Today's announcement signifies the ADA's transition to an independent foundation, with the intention of attracting more prominent tech companies. Both Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and Microsoft are now part of the ADA's steering committee. The primary objective is to enhance app security by promoting the collaborative implementation of industry standards.

The move to a more neutral foundation aligns with the ADA's evolution from its initial role as an Android-specific security initiative. App security best practices are essential across all platforms, making the shift to a more neutral home a logical progression.

Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, emphasized the commitment to open collaboration and innovation in the realm of app security. He highlighted the importance of uniting technology leaders and fostering an open ecosystem of cross-platform requirements to unlock new dimensions of performance and security for the benefit of the community.

The ADA's affiliation with the Joint Development Foundation represents a strategic step toward achieving greater security and collaborative efforts in the ever-evolving landscape of app security.