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Google Meet Steps Up Its Game: Crisp 1080p Video Calls for Premium Subscribers

Hold onto your hats, Google Meet fans, because the platform is taking video calls to a whole new level! Select Workspace and Google One subscribers can now enjoy stunning 1080p video quality for their online meetings, making face-to-face communication even more vibrant and immersive.

Google Meet has at last joined the ranks of video conferencing giants like Zoom and Microsoft Teams by offering 1080p video calls to its paying subscribers. This crystal-clear upgrade is available exclusively for users of the web-based version of Google Meet, and of course, depends on your computer's webcam supporting the resolution.

To make the most of this fantastic new feature, you'll need a bit more bandwidth. But don't worry, Google has you covered. The platform will automatically adjust your resolution if your bandwidth becomes constrained, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted video call experience.

Turning on this dazzling new feature is a breeze! Simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of your video feed and select "Turn on HD video." You'll be amazed by the difference as you transition from 720p to the much-awaited 1080p video quality, allowing you to see your colleagues more clearly than ever before.

This upgrade is available to users with Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Plus, Enterprise Essentials, and Frontline plans. Google One subscribers with at least 2TB of storage are also in for a treat, as they too can access 1080p video calling.

In a nutshell, Google Meet's latest upgrade is a game-changer for premium subscribers who crave that extra level of clarity in their online meetings. With 1080p video calls now at your fingertips, you're set to experience more engaging, exciting, and visually stunning virtual interactions. So get ready to amp up your video calls and enjoy the brilliance of 1080p with Google Meet!