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Google Meet Unveils Hand-Raising Feature for Seamless Participation

Experience Google Meet's innovative hand-raising feature, enabling natural contributions during meetings by raising your hand physically in front of the webcam.

Google Meet Introduces Hand-Raising: A New Way to Speak Up in Meetings

Google has unveiled an innovative addition to its Meet video calling platform, offering a solution for those frustrating moments when finding the "raise hand" button seems elusive. Soon, users will have the ability to physically raise their hand in front of their webcam, prompting Meet to digitally raise their hand in the meeting.

In a brief GIF shared by Google, the practical demonstration illustrates how the feature operates. While the gesture requires visibility of your hand to the camera, it’s not about excitedly raising it above your head; instead, it appears more like presenting one's palm in a "hold on, let me contribute" manner. However, it's a quirky yet potentially more natural enhancement designed to maintain focus during meetings, preventing distractions caused by navigating through Meet's controls.

Google emphasizes the importance of camera visibility to detect the gesture and specifies that the feature deactivates when the user becomes the active speaker.

By default, the gesture detection feature remains inactive but can be activated via "More Options," then selecting "Reactions," and opting for "Hand Raise Gesture." This functionality will gradually roll out over the next few weeks to subscribers on various Google Workspace business, enterprise, and education plans. However, there's no mention yet of its availability for users with personal Google accounts.