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Google Offers Duet AI Across Gmail, Docs, and Other Services for a Monthly Fee of $30

Google's Duet AI is now available across all Workspace apps, offering features from automated summaries to creative tools for $30 per month. Here’s what it means for the future of workplace efficiency.

Google’s Duet AI

Google is pushing the boundaries of productivity with its new Duet AI, now available across all Google Workspace apps including Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Drive. Priced at $30 per month, the AI assistant is aimed at redefining your interaction with Google's suite of apps.

Duet AI can serve multiple purposes: it can assist in creating presentations from Google Docs, generating charts from spreadsheets, or even writing emails. You can also use Duet to find files, check your grammar, and generate images. Think of it as a blend of Clippy's utility and ChatGPT's creative features.

In Google Meet, Duet provides AI-based lighting and sound adjustments along with automated meeting summaries. In Google Chat, it offers a summarized version of long threads. In other words, Duet acts as an umbrella term for numerous app-specific features designed to enhance your productivity.

Priced at $30 per month, Duet is on par with Microsoft's Copilot in terms of cost, which offers similar features across its Office applications. Both Google and Microsoft are betting big on AI as the future of productivity tools.️

While Duet is built to assist, it's crucial to note that the AI is not perfect. Especially when dealing with business-critical data, double-checking the AI's work is advisable. Errors in interpreting sales numbers or files could lead to significant issues.

If you’re a Google Workspace user, expect to see Duet incorporated into most apps you use. While some may find this intrusive, the new feature is hard to ignore and aims to redefine your experience with Google’s productivity suite.

Duet AI is Google's ambitious effort to shape the future of how we work. As AI becomes increasingly integral in the office environment, services like Duet could become indispensable tools for modern professionals.