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Google One's VPN Set to Improve Location Hiding Capabilities

Google One's VPN could soon offer a better way to hide your location with a "broader IP address region" setting.

Late last year, Google gave Pixel 7 owners free access to the company's VPN, and then bundled the service with all tiers of Google One back in March. Google VPN is a fine option for those who simply want to cover their traces online, and it could be receiving an update that will make it better at hiding your location.

Code found in a newer version of the Google One app suggests that users will soon be able to better hide their location thanks to a "broader IP address region" setting. This option will allow people to choose whether the VPN will show an IP address from their local region or from the country as a whole. When enabling this new addition, Google will advise you that doing so could lead to issues with certain "location-based experiences in apps" and websites.

Netflix could be one of the many affected apps. The streaming service does allow subscribers to use a VPN, but its website indicates that only content the company owns worldwide, like Stranger Things and Squid Game, would be available to watch. Content that the company doesn't own and only licenses will potentially be hidden if the VPN is turned on.

The update for the Google One app that contains this code has begun rolling out today to a number of users, though the new VPN options are not yet available. It's unclear when Google will give the green light on this new feature.

Given that the VPN is out and available to everyone with a Google One subscription, some might not know they even have it. Those looking to get the most out of the service can find out exactly how to turn on the Google One VPN from their device.

With Google I/O set for tomorrow, you can expect the company to unveil new hardware and talk about its advancements in the AI field.