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Google Partners with Stink Studios to Showcase Google App Innovations Through Parakeet and Horned Melons Campaign

Google partners with Stink Studios for a dazzling new campaign across the UK, France, and Germany. Discover how the Google App is transforming everyday moments!

Google & Stink Studios' Innovative Campaign for the Google App

Ever wondered what parakeets and horned melons have in common? Welcome to Google's latest campaign: a whimsical journey showcasing how the Google App can inject spontaneity and surprise into your everyday life! Created in collaboration with Stink Studios, Google Creative Lab, and Google Brand Studio, this campaign is taking the UK, France, and Germany by storm.

The Google App is your virtual genie, answering queries about what you see and hear using cutting-edge visual and music recognition technology. From identifying that must-have dress you spotted in a store window to finding a catchy tune, the Google App is poised to be your go-to solution for everyday conundrums!

In a cinematic marvel, Ben Whitehouse directs 24 short films that bring the Google App to life. Imagine grappling with a day-to-day issue, and voilà, Google App swoops in as the unsung hero! These films, rich in local insights and cultural trends, are popping up on YouTube and leading social media platforms.

But wait, there's more! Stink Studios has taken the creativity up a notch with an array of additional content, including motion graphics and captivating photography, to highlight the app's practical use cases.

"It’s been a joy to build upon the success of last year’s Google campaign," beams Kate Sutherland, Executive Producer at Stink Studios. The seamless collaboration between Stink Studios, Google Creative Lab, and Google Brand Studio has birthed a campaign that stands as a testament to their collective vision and the Google App's groundbreaking features.

Get ready to have your mind blown by how the Google App is revolutionizing your daily life, all whimsically packaged with the charm of parakeets and the exotic allure of horned melons. Search will never be the same again!