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Google Photos Introduces Cross-Device Syncing for 'Locked Folder' Private Images

Google Photos updates its Locked Folder feature to enable cloud backup and cross-device access. Keep your private photos secure and easily accessible!

Google Photos Locked Folder Feature - Sync Across Devices.

Today, Google announced an important update to its Google Photos app that enhances the privacy and accessibility of your most personal photos. Introduced first in May 2021, the Locked Folder feature has now been given a significant upgrade.

Initially exclusive to Android, the Locked Folder feature provided users a safe space to store private photos with passcode protection. The limitation was that these photos were confined to a single device. The latest update eradicates this limitation by allowing these photos to be included in cloud backups, making them accessible from any device you own.

For the first time, iOS users can also set up a Locked Folder, making the feature truly cross-platform.

For those concerned about security, Google has thoughtfully included an option to toggle cloud backup on or off for the Locked Folder. This means you have the power to choose whether the content of this special folder syncs to other devices.

The Google Photos app will also feature a redesigned Settings page, aimed at simplifying the navigation for privacy, backup, sharing, and notifications. This aligns well with the recent introduction of the AI-assisted Memories feature and paves the way for the eagerly awaited AI-powered Magic Editor.

So, Google Photos continues to evolve, striving to offer users the best of both worlds: enhanced privacy and greater accessibility. These updates are rolling out today on iOS and Android, ensuring your treasured moments are both secure and easily reachable. 🌟📸