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Google Photos Introduces Customizable AI-Generated Videos

Google Photos is set to roll out an update allowing users to prompt AI-generated videos by selecting specific tags, granting users more control over video highlights.

Google Photos AI

Ever felt frustrated by the random AI-generated video slideshows in Google Photos? The tech giant is about to change the game. With its newest update, Google Photos will grant users the reins to steer the AI into generating videos based on their specified tags. Whether it's about a particular location, an event, or spotlighting certain people, users can now proactively direct what goes into these videos.

In a move that feels long overdue, this update provides a solution to the often arbitrary and less-than-perfect videos that were auto-generated. Google's new approach offers a blend of automation and personalization. Users can now search for the desired content - be it a memorable trip, a special activity, or loved ones. The app, with its AI capabilities, will curate the best photos fitting the description, synchronize them with fitting music, and create a highlight reel. Although users could previously make these videos, it was a more tedious, manual process. The new method bridges the gap between full autonomy and complete AI control.

Once the video is generated, Google promises user-friendly editing options. Users can refine the video by trimming segments, rearranging sequences, or switching up the soundtrack.

As is customary with Google, the feature might not be instantly available to everyone. Features are typically phased into the user base over a span of time. A few lingering questions remain, such as web compatibility, the extent of editing options, and the variety of tags the AI will recognize. Details, like whether a user can summon a heartwarming video by merely searching "puppy", are yet to be disclosed.

This innovative step by Google Photos might just set a benchmark, and it wouldn't be surprising if other tech behemoths, like Apple, follow suit in the near future.