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Google Retires AI Test Kitchen App for a Web-Based Focus

Google has pulled its AI Test Kitchen app from the Play Store and App Store, shifting focus to the web platform. The tech giant aims to concentrate on one platform for easier updates.

Google pulls its AI Test Kitchen app from Play Store and App Store

Google has removed its AI Test Kitchen app from both the Play Store and the App Store, shifting its focus to a web-only platform. Launched last year, the AI Test Kitchen allowed users to interact with projects powered by different AI models like LaMDA 2.

The tech giant confirmed the move to 9to5Google, noting that focusing on a web-based experience will facilitate easier updates on a single platform. As of now, the Test Kitchen only hosts a text-to-music language model experiment called MusicLM.

Given Google's history of discontinuing apps and experiments without prior notice, this move doesn't come as a major surprise. Plus, with the rise of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI-focused tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Anthropic's Claude, Google might be aiming to focus more on testing features for its consumer products.

Additionally, Google announced a new portal called Google Labs during Google IO in May. This portal allows users to sign up for generative AI-based experiments, including the MusicLM experiment currently hosted on the AI Test Kitchen page.

Google's decision to pull the AI Test Kitchen app seems in line with its brand characteristic of having multiple products for AI experiments, and might be seen as an attempt to streamline and consolidate its AI offerings.