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Google Reveals New AI-Powered Travel and Shopping Features for Search

Google has introduced new AI-powered functionalities for its Search Generative Experience (SGE), focusing on travel and product search. These enhancements include detailed information for travel destinations and product recommendations for shoppers.

Google continues to innovate its search experience with the introduction of new AI-powered capabilities for Search Generative Experience (SGE), its experimental search platform. These enhancements focus on improving the user experience for travel and product searches.

When a user queries about a place or destination on Google Search (e.g., "Is this restaurant good for large groups?"), the AI will present a comprehensive snapshot. This snapshot amalgamates information from across the web, including reviews, photos, and details from business profiles.

Similarly, for product searches, SGE will now display crucial factors for consideration along with product descriptions, reviews, ratings, prices, images, and recommendations. Although this approach resembles AI-powered search competitors like and Perplexity AI, Google's Rany Ng, VP of Search, believes it uniquely benefits from Google's proprietary data encompassing over 200 million places and 35 billion product listings.

To complement these enhancements, Google is also launching a new Add to Sheets experiment that allows users to directly insert a search result into a spreadsheet for easy sharing and collaboration.

However, to access these new features, users must be enrolled in Google's Search Labs, currently available only in English in the U.S. These innovations aim to provide insightful guidance for users, reducing planning time and enhancing the overall search experience.