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Google Rolls Out On-Device Diagnostics Tool and Repair Manuals for Pixel Phones

Empowering Pixel users! Google launches diagnostic tool via dial pad code for issue detection and updated repair manuals for DIY fixes. A leap in phone repair!

Google Unveils Diagnostic Tool for Pixel Phones and Redesigned Repair Manuals

Google announces an innovative solution for Pixel phone users: a diagnostic tool accessible via the dial pad code ##7287##. This tool enables users to proactively check their phone's functionality pre- or post-repair, ensuring optimal performance.

Packed with an array of diagnostic features, users can conduct comprehensive tests to scrutinize the entire device or target specific areas like physical defects, display anomalies, sensor functionality, and connectivity issues. This user-friendly tool is available in English across all Pixel phone models.

In addition to the diagnostics tool, Google introduces revamped repair manuals, streamlining the repair process for technicians and DIY enthusiasts. While currently available for the Pixel Fold, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro in English and French, Google plans to expand these manuals to previous and upcoming devices in the ensuing months, enhancing accessibility and support for repair procedures.

Moreover, Google recently introduced Repair Mode, a feature designed to safeguard users' sensitive data during device repairs, mirroring Samsung's Repair Mode released in 2021. This protective measure aims to secure user privacy while the device is undergoing repairs by technicians.

The tech landscape, including Google and other leading companies like Samsung and Apple, has embraced the DIY and independent repair concept. Offering repair parts via platforms like iFixit, Google and Samsung have paved the way for user-initiated repairs. Apple, too, has expanded its self-repair service and recently launched an online diagnostics tool, reflecting the industry's evolving approach toward user empowerment and repair accessibility.