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Google Rolls Out Short Videos on Play Store for Improved App Discovery

Google is adding a new twist to app discovery in the Play Store with the launch of “The Play Report” video series. The aim is to leverage short-form video content to help users discover new apps.

Google Play Store Adds Short Videos for Better App Discovery

Google is no stranger to innovation, and its latest move aims to make discovering apps on the Play Store a more interactive experience. The tech giant has introduced a series of short videos titled "The Play Report," which will be displayed on the Play Store's homepage for select users in the U.S.

"The Play Report" is an original video series where experts, creators, and Google employees highlight different apps available on the Play Store. These short videos will appear alongside a convenient 'Install' button for the featured app, providing users a quick way to download and explore it.

Although not explicitly stated by Google, a GIF in their blog post implies that these videos are YouTube Shorts. This comes on the heels of Google’s announcement that over 2 billion logged-in monthly users are now watching YouTube Shorts.

Developers can already link YouTube videos to their app's media assets in the Play Store. However, it remains unclear whether Google will expand short video support to other developers and creators beyond the scope of "The Play Report" series.

Another unanswered question is the process for app selection in "The Play Report." Google did not clarify whether the featured apps are hand-picked by the company, the creators, or a combination of both.

Short videos have become a powerful tool for engagement and discovery, and Google appears eager to leverage this format to make app discovery a more engaging experience. "The Play Report" also serves as another channel for Google to benefit from the growing popularity of YouTube Shorts.

For now, "The Play Report" will be available to a select audience in the U.S. Other users can still watch these videos on Google Play’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Google’s decision to incorporate short videos into the Play Store adds a new layer of interactivity and engagement for users. It aligns well with the company’s broader strategy of leveraging YouTube Shorts to engage billions of users and could mark a new chapter in the app discovery experience.