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Google Unleashes New Search Features for Chrome on Mobile

Google boosts mobile search on Chrome with contextual suggestions, trending searches, and more, aimed at fostering a richer browsing experience.

Google Supercharges Mobile Search on Chrome

In its latest push to increase user search activity, Google is rolling out a host of new features for Chrome on mobile devices. These enhancements are designed to provide users with potential search queries related to the webpage they're currently viewing. Let's say you're reading a blog about planning a trip to Japan, once you tap the address bar, a list of suggested searches pops up, along with your favorite sites and recent searches.

Essentially, it's Google Search autocomplete, but without having to type anything. This feature is now available on Chrome for iOS and Android.

Image Credits: Google

Another upgrade, primarily available on Chrome for Android initially, will display a list of trending searches whenever you open a new tab. This integration of Google Trends into the new tab page of Chrome mobile will expose a much broader audience to trending topics.

Image Credits: Google

Google's 'touch to search' feature on Android is also getting a revamp. As before, you can highlight a word (or a group of words) on any page and a context menu pops up, allowing you to initiate a search based on your selection. But now, Google will also present a carousel of related searches at the bottom of the screen.

Image Credits: Google

But there's more: you'll now see ten search suggestions instead of six when you start typing in the Chrome mobile address bar. Although not a massive change, this update, like all others, encourages users to search more (and in turn, view more search ads).